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Doing Fast Seismo Hammers with C-Viper in MVC3

From our first comment, Deez asks (paraphrased)

“How does Marlin Pie do those C.Viper seismos so fast?”

Marlin Pie is super jump canceling (sjc) his seismos, which I’ll break down into its parts.

-A seismo hammer in itself has quite a bit of recovery before you’re allowed to move again.  This recovery can be canceled, by doing either a hyper combo or a jump/super jump.

-A  super jump can  be canceled by doing a  move before C.Viper actually leaves the floor.

By combining these two, you can actually do a seismo, super jumping to cancel the recovery, then doing another seismo before you jump.  This lets you do as many rapid-fire seismos as you can, provided you keep up the execution needed to do it.  You can also do her other specials instead of seismo if you’d want to, such as seismo, sjc, H thunder knuckle.

To practice this  try doing a seismo by itself, then super jumping.  The motion should be – (DP+Attack, up-towards).

Now, you’ll be adding a second seismo in-between the first seismo and the up motion.  You’ll do the second seismo command but instead of ending in a down-forward direction, continue rolling the pad or stick to up-towards before you push the attack button.  In short, you’re doing a second seismo with a tiger knee motion.  When you do it right, it will look like C.Viper does two immediate seismo with no delay between the two moves.  You can do a third, fourth, or as many more seismos as you’d like as long as you do the motion correctly.  If you’re getting different moves to come out, make sure that you reset the stick/pad to neutral between each seismo.  The motion will be – (DP+Attack, neutral, DP, toward, up-toward+Attack, neutral, repeat).

It may take some time to get used to.  If you just want to see the timing for the cancel before doing it with multiple seismos try doing seismos canceled to thunder knuckles.  Either way, this is a high execution technique that will take practice to learn and more to perfect.  Do it right though, and Viper gains a powerful new tool in her rushdown arsenal.

If you have any other questions, just let us know!

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