Submitting a Question

Most, if not all questions, are open for discussion.  Of course, you have to get your question to us for discussion to start.  There are a few ways to reach us.

1:  Send us a message at scrubline@hotmailDOTcom.

2:  Leave us a tweet, @scrub_line.

3:  Leave us a post on our Facebook page, here:

Be sure to leave your name or nickname, or if you want to remain anonymous that’s fine too.  But if we don’t get anything, we’re gonna call you by whatever we can.  If sending an e-mail, be sure to say what game or situation you’re having problems with in the subject line (i.e: SSF4, Attending Tournament, Running Casuals).

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, and all answers will be posted here on our blog.

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