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Scrubline – Off Our Asses Edition

June 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Sorry about the long period that went by without a post, but life gets in the way.

We hope you enjoyed our live show, and if that was any indication, yes, we are a NSFW blog.  There will be cussing.  And more live shows, and cussing, and some drinks.

Anyway, Animelover1808 asks via Twitter:  “Any advice for those who just got a fightstick? How do you feel about Daigo calling out USA on MVC3?”

A stick takes a while to get used to, but it does hold advantages over a pad.  You have the ability to use all your fingers for buttons in a more comfortable manner, and the larger movement of a stick offers (arguably) better precision.  If you’re completely new to it you’re going to want to find a way to hold the stick that is comfortable for you.  Some players wrap their thumb and fingers around the ball top, some place the shaft of the stick between certain fingers, some grab it in a death grip.  As long as you’re comfortable and you’re not mashing so hard that you’re letting go of the stick, then you should be fine.

The other thing that may be new coming from a controller is having all the buttons available on the face of the stick.  This is just muscle memory though and will be learned in time.  If you’re hitting the extra 2 buttons by accident you may want to disable them in controller settings entirely, but being precise with your fingers will avoid this.  Think of it as typing or piano keys.  When done right you can do things that are a bit easier on stick than pad, such as certain kara throw inputs or piano-ing for easier mash moves like Hundred Hand Slap.  Hell, you can even mash faster to escape stun.

Remember, precision.  Try to learn to limit excess motions.  Your whole body doesn’t need to shake when you do a fireball.

As far as Daigo’s video goes…well, we talked about this.  It’s just easier to post that conversation.

ChaiThai:  What right do you think Daigo has in calling out the US in Marvel?

Sanchez:  Pfft, none. Outside of a handful of player Japan hasn’t really played marvel since America blasted them that one SBO.

CT:  But are they going for it because of the whole “new game, new rules” mentality, or is the VS. series a game they’ve been playing wrong this whole time?

S:  I wouldn’t say they’ve been playing it wrong as much as they really haven’t been playing it.  The big draw for the VS. series is having Marvel characters duking it out.  To the Japanese that isn’t a huge thing.  Kinda like how the US doesn’t really give a fuck about TVC.  What the fuck is a Karas?  We’ve seen Tokido play MVC3 and do well, but I worry abou tthe amount of play the game is getting over there.  Like, how much exploration is being done.

Funny you mention the new game thing- since Daigo says we have a 10 year head start on MVC3.  I didn’t know we had the game that long.  What the fuck have I been doing?

CT:  Well Tokido said he’s one of the best, but there’s this fog of war like thing around Daigo.  Nobody knows what the fuck he can do in any current game outside Japan.  How well do you think he’s gonna do with that backing, or is he gonna go just two and out?

S:  I doubt he’ll get oxygened.  More than likely he’ll get some wins on just name brand alone.  But Daigo or Justin, Combofiend, or Clock?  I don’t see it.  There’s a lot to be said about having good execution in Marvel.

CT:  Maybe that old Darkstalker link experience will kick in.

S:  I can see them going to wolverine a lot.  Daigo will be using one of the Wolvie Sent variations.  I’m calling it now.

CT:  Think the US will roll out the welcome mat for Japan in this one?  Especially after the video?

S:  If by welcome mat you mean a bunch of people yelling at Daigo, I hope so.

CT:  Well he couldn’t take it in SSF4, that’s why he’s got the headphones.

S:  Maybe he really likes listening to Jpop.

CT:  What was the point, anyway?  Just to build hype?  Did the Cannons (The brothers who run Evolution) have anything to do with it, or did Godsgarden just send it over and we used it for publicity?

S:  It’s a great troll video.  It did it’s job.  Outside of putting it up on SRK, I doubt the Cannons had anything to do with it.

This is Japan telling us they coming for that ass.


Sticks, Picking a Character, and Beating Mind Block

May 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Here are a few questions asked by “Shadow Hado”.

– “Over time, a stick can wear out and start to feel loose.  When this happens, what do you recommend doing?  Should you replace the entire stick, or maybe just certain parts like the spring and actuator?”

Personally I recommend changing the entire stick.  If you change the spring only that’s quite a bit of work to add extra life to a stick that already has worn parts.  Since most sticks, both Japanese and American, are designed to be replaced as one unit fiddling with parts can be annoying.  Here’s a website that has provided good service to buyers since the release of the MadCatz line of products.

Besides, you can always keep the more worn stick for personal projects.  You never know when the urge to start making frankensticks will kick in.

– “In SF4, I originally started playing M.Bison (dictator,) and then switched to Ryu to “learn the game.”  Since then, I have continued to play Ryu, but I’m not sure he is the perfect fit for me anymore.  How do you figure out which character you have the most potential with?”

By now you should have a good grasp of what the entire cast can do.  There are a few ways you can go about deciding who you’d like to use.

Try finding a character that fits the way you want to play the game.  Are you looking to play a fundamental, all purpose game?  To go balls deep in rushdown?  To annoy and frustrate your opponent?  Maybe knock down your opponent and force him to play the guessing game?  There are usually a few characters that fit how anyone wants to play the game, You can also pick a character to cover your own strengths and weaknesses.  This is one of the difficult parts of playing Ryu as his gameplay is based around having all-around skill.  For example, Rufus can make up for a lack of footsies, while Chun and Boxer benefit those with excellent footsies.  Higher health will cover defense, speed will cover mobility, ect.  Don’t forget the skill cap too; some characters are simply harder to use.  If you enjoy this challenge (C.Viper is a shining example of this) then you may find a very rewarding main.

-“I have a “mind block” when playing against certain characters, specifically Balrog (Boxer.)  How do I overcome this to play better against these characters?”

It’s good that you recognize this problem.  Consider the matchup with your character vs. your opponents.  Using your Ryu for an example, think about how your average match with a Balrog goes.  What is he doing (in general) that causes you to lose the most health?  Is there a range that he’s fighting at where he has control and you don’t?  Are you getting zoned, rushed down, baited, frame trapped, or turtled?  Try to figure out what these things are and work on fixing/removing them from the match, and see how it flows from there.  Make adjustments as necessary.  The hard part will be doing this during a match.  Remember what you’ve considered about the match before and use it as you play.  It’s very easy to learn everything about the match and forget it while you play.

Consider the matchup with your character too.  For example, Ryu has an amazing low forward that goes under and stuffs dash punches and turn punches, but will lose if they’re done EX.  But you could buffer in a tatsu or a dragon punch and in the case that is IS an EX, you could input the extra button to break the armor.  Your low forward can also duck under a wake up headbutt when done at the correct range.  If you have super stocked up any deep dash punch is no longer safe because you can reversal fierce super it.  Are you considering these things when you play against a character that gives you problems?  If you don’t know them take some time with a friend or an online player who can run the match with.  Nothing beats experience in terms of knowing matchups.

If you have any other questions, let us know!